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Are you looking to hire a property manager company in Kentwood, MI? If you are, then you’ve found the right page!

Owning Kentwood rental properties requires spending a lot of time and effort on their management. If you’re currently swamped with several responsibilities then it’s advisable to outsource managing your rental to Compass Property Management.

We're a residential property management company that offers a systematic way of operating your Kentwood investment property and has a full array of property management services useful to rental property owners.

We assist clients in marketing vacant rental properties, running a screening for all prospective residents, collecting the rent promptly, and keeping up the rental value of your investment property through detailed inspections and consistent maintenance and repairs.

Established in Grand Rapids, MI, Compass Property Management is open to managing different types of rentals such as single-family homes, multi-family units, apartments, and HOA properties. Backed by strong and proven property management expertise, we assure rental homeowners that their rental asset will be in capable hands.

Our skilled team is experienced in delivering stellar customer service, communicating respectfully with residents, and resolving property concerns.

If there are property emergencies to address, we provide immediate resolutions. Long-distance landlords can rely on our attentive and responsive approach in managing their Kentwood rental home.

With Compass Property Management as your reliable partner, you benefit from our solid commitment to your rental business' success, tried-and-tested systems, wide company resources, and long-term industry network.

We prioritize earning the best returns for your Kentwood investment properties and exercise transparency while doing so.


If you’re seeking a reputable property management company to help you manage your Kentwood rental home, call Compass Property Management today at (616) 452 7080 or email us at info@compass101.com!

Our Property Management Services

Compass Property Management attracts quality residents with our focused advertising, attentive property maintenance and care, detailed resident screening, regular property inspections, and accurate financial reporting.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy as our valued client:

Marketing Your Rental Property

A vacant Kentwood rental house can result in the reduction of funds. You’d still need to spend on maintenance costs even without a resident in your unit.

Compass Property Management acts quickly to gather a pool of prospective residents that’ll meet the standards of your rental property. We study the best features of your rental space then create effective ads that attract a suitable demographic.

Advertising isn’t simply performed online. We also bring marketing offline to gather a wide batch of prospective residents.

The marketing methods we use are strategic and focused on attracting the best kind of residents for your rental home. We prepare the unit before arranging for property showings, ensuring a faster decision by prospective renters.

Tenant Screening Process

Having a tenant that isn’t the right fit for your Kentwood rental home can create a lot of issues. You can experience not being paid rent, property damage, and complaints from other residents.

The extra time and effort you’ll need to take to deal with this kind of problem can work against your efficiency, especially if you’re handling more rental units.


With Compass Property Management around, you’re reassured of a detailed resident screening procedure that separates problematic residents from others.

We evaluate the background and rent history of prospective tenants, and also check if eviction and bankruptcy records are present. We also assess income, credit score, and employment to determine if the resident is able to meet the monthly rental dues.

Rent Collection

Collecting the rent consistently is vital for your Kentwood, MI, rental home. Compass Property Management installs a reliable rent collection system so you don’t have to go knocking on doors each month. We strive to collect 100% of the rental proceeds each month.

Late payments or missed payments will be a thing of the past under our management. We enforce the leasing conditions and offer convenient channels for rent payment. As a landlord, your stress in collecting the rent will be eliminated.

Property Inspections, Repairs, and Maintenance

To avoid high repair costs in your Kentwood rental home, Compass Property Management is consistent with property inspections. We check for safety risks and conduct property walkthroughs during a resident’s move in and move out.

Our seasoned team has solid experience in property upkeep, so when emergencies occur, you can remain at peace knowing your rental property is being managed by competent maintenance professionals.

Financial Reporting

You’ll always know how your Kentwood rental home is performing under the management of Compass Property Management. We provide accurate financial reports and offer accounting assistance as well. You can check the profits, expenses and payments made each month, quarter, and year.


With easy access to the online portal, you can do a comparative study over how your rental unit is faring month by month or year on year. We help you meet your financial goals by offering recommendations of property improvements to optimize your rental returns.

About Kentwood, Michigan

Kentwood is a city situated in Kent County and considered the third most populated municipality in the Grand Rapids metro area. It was incorporated in 1967 and took its name from James Kent, a jurist. The city borders Wyoming, Grand Rapids, Cascade Township, and Gaines Township.

Known as one of the fastest growing cities in Michigan, residents in Kentwood appreciate its family-friendly atmosphere, proximity to downtown Grand Rapids and amazing cultural diversity.

It provides a sense of security and has a great public school system, making Kentwood suitable for families with children. In terms of amenities, there are several parks, restaurants, and shops available to residents. The cost of living is also lower compared to other cities.

Here are interesting things to see in Kentwood, Michigan:

  1. Kentwood Ice Arena
  2. Woodland Mall
  3. Pinewood Park
  4. Henry Thornapple Trail
  5. Pat Patterson Athletic Field
  6. Lafontsee Galleries
  7. John Ball Zoo
  8. Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
  9. Horrocks Market
  10. Craig’s Cruisers - Grand Rapids

(Source: Wikipedia)

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