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Are you looking to hire a property manager in East Grand Rapids, MI? If you are, then you’ve found the right page!

Managing your East Grand Rapids rental home can be a huge responsibility to handle on your own. It means being constantly available to deal with property emergencies and issues with residents. It also requires you to keep up with regular property inspections, maintenance, and repairs.

If you want to free up your time, you can opt to partner with Compass Property Management. Given our professional expertise and solid industry experience, we’re more than comfortable taking care of all types of rental units, from single-family homes to multi-family units.

Our staff is highly competent and skilled when it comes to performing a wide range of services, such as marketing your East Grand Rapids rental home, screening for prospective residents, and collecting the rent on time.

You can fully rely on Compass Property Management’s commitment to creating a habitable environment for potential residents. We work hard to retain renters for the long term and offer excellent customer service. We also strive to practice transparency, eliminating hidden fees.

Under our management, your East Grand Rapids rental home is treated with care so vacancies are reduced. We work on bringing the best value to ensure resident loyalty.

Aside from collecting rent on time and being attentive to the upkeep of your unit, we also provide useful online reports where our clients can easily check their rental financial performance.


Established in Grand Rapids, you can rely on us to deliver a full suite of services that matches the needs of your rental space. We have plenty of resources and a high-performing team ready to optimize your rental investment returns with our in-depth knowledge, multiple skills, and brilliant strategies.

Contact us today at (616) 452 7080! We look forward to providing stellar property solutions customized to the unique needs of your East Grand Rapids rental home. You can also reach our team by sending a message to info@compass101.com.

Our Property Management Services

Compass Property Management dedicates their time to finding the most suitable renters by running an effective resident screening procedure, putting up attractive ads, and ensuring the proper maintenance and care of your unit.

Here are the benefits you’ll enjoy as our valued client:

Leasing Your Rental Property

We make it easy for our clients to benefit from our management packages designed for different types of rental homes.

You can decide to get our placement services, personalized management service, or all-inclusive management service. If you’re a new client, you can even enjoy a free first placement offer!

Compass Property Management helps prepare a clear leasing agreement and get your rental space ready for property showings.

Property listings will be crafted that highlight the best features of your unit and will include impressive images of the property to increase the level of interest from your target audience.

Resident Screening Process

To ensure a steady rental income over the years, we’ve implemented a detailed resident screening of your East Grand Rapids rental home.


Compass Property Management works hard to find a high-caliber resident that follows the property policies, reasonably takes care of your rental unit, and pays the rental dues on time.

Rent Collection

Without an efficient rent collection system in your East Grand Rapids rental home, it can take a lot of effort to get the rental proceeds.

Compass Property Management has a reliable system in place so rental payments are collected promptly. You can then build more value to your unit by investing your income in property renovations.

Move-In and Move-Out Inspections

To ensure your East Grand Rapids rental home is protected, property inspections must be done. Compass Property Management performs move-in inspections and conducts property walkthroughs with prospective residents. Documentation will be done for easier monitoring of property issues.

When the tenancy ends, we also perform a move-out inspection that evaluates every detail of the property to determine if there are excess damages in contrast to damage caused by normal wear and tear. In case the renter has damaged anything, we ask for repair fees to cover the damage.

Financial Reporting

For your East Grand Rapids rental home, Compass Property Management provides financial reports where income, expenses, and payments are tracked. This way, you can check the returns from your rental investment.

You can expect to receive detailed reports each month, quarter, and year, so you can make solid comparisons for each specific period.


Although there’s a small chance of having to evict a resident even with the meticulous screening process we conduct, Compass Property Management reassures our clients that we will handle the entire process legally.


We ensure compliance with the laws to reduce problems for your East Grand Rapids rental home.

About East Grand Rapids, Michigan

East Grand Rapids is a city located in Kent County. It’s surrounded by Reeds Lake and Fisk Lake.

It was named the best city to live in Michigan by USA Today for its outstanding quality of life, close distance to Grand Rapids city, excellent park system, and solid community. East Grand Rapids also has flourishing businesses and a superb education system.

Residents appreciate living in East Grand Rapids for its affordable and low cost of living. Families with children also like the top-notch public school system and attractive neighborhoods. The community is tight-knit and the crime rate is very low.

Here are interesting things to see in East Grand Rapids, Michigan:

  1. Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park
  2. John Collins Park
  3. Grand Rapids Public Museum
  4. Van Andel Arena
  5. Grand Rapids Children’s Museum

(Source: Wikipedia)

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