Compass Property Management utilizes CodeBoxes at our properties for showings. CodeBoxes are digital lockboxes that have the ability to change codes for individual showtimes and contain the keys to the property you are trying to view. This gives our potential residents the ability to view properties outside of our typical operating hours while you have the time and the privacy to discuss and explore the apartment without a showing agent looming over your shoulder.

However, there are occasionally some technical issues that you may come across while trying to use a CodeBox. Below are a few quick steps to check before contacting the office for further assistance.

After entering the 4 digit code, press "enter" and give the logo on the codebox a good squeeze and a shake. Occasionally, the door sticks, but usually opens. If you are still experiencing issues after a few attempts, we sincerely apologize for your inconvenience. Please report a codebox malfunction below and we will notify you when the issue has been resolved and the property is ready for viewing again.

Codes are generated and texted automatically 2 hours prior to your scheduled show time.

Common issues:

  • The phone number provided was not a cell phone. Please contact us via to update your cell phone number. Once we have updated it, you will be able to schedule another showing on our listing page.
  • When attempting to confirm your showing, the word "Confirm" may be spelled incorrectly. If you are early for your showing, you may still be able to correct this by responding with the correct spelling. If you have already passed your showing time, you will need to reschedule.

The scheduling calendar is reserved in 30 minute blocks. There may be someone scheduled to see the unit prior to or after your scheduled showing, so codes are limited for the time of your showing.

We are truly sorry for the inconvenience, but rarely a previous showing will forget to return the key to the codebox. Please report a missing key in the form below and we will inform you when the property is available for viewing again.